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Karen Oberhauser visiting lecture: Dwindling numbers for an iconic insect: A conservation biologist ponders moving beyond the documentation of declines

Monarch butterfly populations have been declining over the last 20 years. Because insect numbers are notoriously difficult to assess, and because they often show large annual fluctuations, simply documenting this decline has been a challenge. It is now important to move beyond simple documentation, and toward responding to the challenge posed by monarch conservation, and insect conservation in general. Karen Oberhauser will describe the amazing biology of migratory monarch populations, how citizens and scientists are documenting monarch numbers across their migratory cycle, and then discuss what all of us can do to help preserve this charismatic insect for generations to come. Her visit is a part of UNI's 2018/2019 Aldo Leopold Distinguished Lecture Series.

Jennifer Lowry visiting lecture: Protecting children’s health where they live, learn and play

Jennifer Lowry, MD, is a renowned pediatrician and toxicologist who leads the Regional Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit in Kansas City. She will address the use of pesticides in homes, schools and the surrounding environment, as well as protections for children by creating healthy environments where children live, work and play. Her visit is a part of UNI's 2018/2019 Aldo Leopold Distinguished Lecture Series.

Four Amazing IDS Grads

Dana Potter, Jacob Espenscheid, Collin Cahill and Isaac Campbell present on their involvement with the interactive digital history website, They will explain how their collaboration as IDS students boosted their careers, transported them to Hungary and brought them national awards. Their story is one of friendship, hard work and innovative thinking. An IDS social will follow.

"That’s So Gay: An Exploration of Homophobia & Camp in Art"

A UNI Permanent Art Collection exhibition supplemented by objects on loan to the Gallery, which was co-curated by Dr. Charles M. Adelman and Gallery Director Darrell Taylor with didactics by UNI students of art history. Featured artists include Asianpunkboy, Berenice Abbott, Nick Cave, Felix D’Eon, Kelly V. Grider, Jr., Keith Haring, George Hurrell, Ellsworth Kelly, Catherine Opie, Robert Rauschenberg, and Bruce of Los Angeles.

Lecture: Jonathan D. Katz

Jonathan D. Katz, Associate Professor at University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, presents a lecture titled “The Gray Flannel Suit and the Fright Wig: On Warhol's Very Particular Queerness.” In association with the UNI Gallery of Art collection exhibition, "That’s So Gay: An Exploration of Homophobia & Camp in Art."


UNI Assistant Professor of Art Noah Doely presents several different bodies of work that combine sculpture, photography, video, and found objects. The exhibition addresses themes of perception and authenticity to explore the paradoxical relationship between seeing and belief. With items curated from the collection of the UNI Museum. This work was supported in part by a 2018 artist fellowship grant from the Iowa Arts Council. Opening Reception: Tuesday, Aug. 28, 6:00 p.m. Gallery Talk by the artist: Tuesday, Sept. 25, 6:00 p.m.

"Drop Shadow"

An exhibition by UNI Professor of Art Aaron Wilson consisting of many newly exhibited drawings and prints created over the last decade. The exhibition ponders the link between superstition and representation through depictions of time, history and repetition. Opening Reception: Tuesday, Aug. 28, 6:00 p.m.


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