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Executive Vice President and Provost

Meryl Norton Hearst Lecture Series: "Modeling Cultural Networks in the Hispanic Baroque"

Juan Luis Suarez will discuss "Modeling Cultural Networks in the Hispanic Baroque." Suarez is the director of the CulturePlex lab, an innovative and interdisciplinary digital humanities research center at Canada's Western University, where he is also a professor of Hispanic Studies in the Modern Languages and Literature Department.

Universal Design for Learning: Moving Your Teaching Beyond the Conventional 'One-Size Fits All' Paradigm

Led by Ashley Brickley, Disability Services; Christine Curran, Special Education; and Deb Gallagher, Special Education. 

As university instructors, we all know that teaching is far more than telling students what they should know. And while we strive to create vibrant learning communities that foster interaction and communication among students and their teacher, we often rely on the seemingly “tried and true” transfer of content from instructor to students. Not surprisingly, we find that this approach rarely promotes deep learning and fails to engage all too many students.

This session will demonstrate how you can use Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Assistive Technology to move beyond the conventional ‘one-size fits all’ paradigm and toward varied and flexible ways to:

• Present information and content in different forms,
• Differentiate the forms through which students can demonstrate what they know, and
• Deepen student interest, personal investment, and motivation for learning

Grounded in research on learner differences and effective instructional settings, UDL provides all students with equal opportunities to learn through activities that are collaborative, engaging, and designed to enable students to construct meaningful knowledge from their classroom experiences

"Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition"

Terry Towery, from the Lehman College of the City University of New York, juries this annual competitive exhibition, which features the finest recent works of students enrolled in classes in the UNI Department of Art. Towery will also present work in the Gallery Showcases during the run of the student exhibition. Awards Ceremony and Opening Reception: March 24 at 7:00 p.m. in KAB 111.


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